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Green Community

  • The program's concept is based on creating a riendly green park environment, conscious to sustainable policies and quality of services.
  • A “New Community” built on innovative eco-design utilizing intelligent urban planning and sustainable strategies regarding energy, water, waste and lighting.
  • Integrated lifestyle residential concept with main point of interest the river views, the promenade and the forest; with the marina theme assuming a dominant role in the overall design.
  • State of the art contemporary architecture reflects the ideas of green architecture making as much use of the natural setting of the site, while borrowing on the long traditions and culture of the region.
  • A friendly lifestyle community designed in perfect harmony with existing nature, forest and river elements.
  • Enhancement of existing nature, protection of wild life and full integration with project site is achieved through refined landscape strategies.
  • Full protection of the river bank through reconstruction of the entire embankment area, while employing environmentally conscious strategies regarding the treatment of Volga river.
  • Extensive network of walkways, bikeways, lakes and open green spaces connect the various elements and uses to create a whole.